Who I am

Yolanda Sánchez

My name is Yolanda Sánchez Igal and I am passionate about the voice, music and singing, and this inspires me to carry out my artistic and educational work with enthusiasm and devotion. As an artist, I set no limits to my sound. As a teacher, I show the fascinating complexity of the voice from a standpoint of naturalness and simplicity, trying to bring out all the potential of my students. As a choir director, I teach and convey the power and emotion possessed by Gospel.

At present I am combining my facet as singer with that of teacher and consultant in vocal technique for singers, choirs, theatre and singing students, speakers and educators, starting out from the concept of a healthy, effective, free and creative voice.


    My first steps in music were along the path of Rock and Blues, with Antón Jiménez, Mikel Morote and Eva Rada as my guides. I plunged into the worlds of jazz and Bossa Nova, led by Deborah J. Carter, Dovrat Levi, Mireia Lara, Mike Phillip Mossman, Horacio Hernández “El negro”, Michel Faber and Carmen Canela. I explored musical theatre with Maureen Scott and Vivi Manning. Marco Beasley revealed for me the sound of the voice in Ancient Music. Thanks to Jean Paul Bawotai, I discovered the richness and energy of African polyphonies, and Emmanuel Djob showed me the power and sensibility of Gospel music.


      • MAYEUSIS FOUNDATION AT THE VIGO CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC.Qualified Musical Therapy Monitor in “Therapeutic Uses of the Voice”.

      • o THE MODERN MUSIC AND JAZZ HALL, LICEU OPERA HOUSE OF BARCELONA.Singing, repertoire, auditory training, harmony, combo and improvisation.

      • EOLIA CENTRE FOR VOICE, INTERPRETATION AND DANCE. Vocal technique, choir singing a cappella, oral, corporal and dance expression, repertoire and interpretation.

      • SEDAJAZZ International Seminar. .Repertoire, combo and improvisation.


      • MASTERCLASS IN GOSPEL, Emmanuel Djob.

      • MASTERCLASS “Creativity and Interpretation in Song”, Maureen Scott, vocal consultant for musical theatre productions in London and winner of Oliver Prizes in the UK.

      • MASTERCLASS “Recitation and Song in Ancient Music”, Marco Beasley and Guido Morini, ESMUC (Catalonia College of Music).

      • Piano studies with Ada Fernández, Michel Faber and Gustavo Llull.

      • AIE Foundation grant holder on two occasions.


        Eolia School of Voice, Interpretation and Dance, , singing teacher.

        Art i Salut de la Veu (Centre for Vocal Health and Speech Therapy),, lecturer in vocal technique for singing and vocal rehabilitation.

        L’illa del Aire, Centre for creative expression, singing teacher and joint manager of the Centre.

        Espai Marabal Centre de Formació i Creació Artistica (Marabal Space, Centre for Artistic Training and Creation), lecturer in vocal technique, repertoire and interpretation.

        Escuela Dmusica (DMusic School), singing teacher and technical adviser to the Dmusica Gospel Choir.

        Escuela de Música y Danza Farré (Farré School of Music and Dance), , singing teacher and director of the Centre’s Gospel choir.

        La Casa dels Músics (The House of Musicians) , music school for adults, lecturer in vocal technique and in choral singing (Gospel).

        Cor de Cambra Tempus Musici (Tempus Musici Chamber Choir) , voice assessment and training.

        Seminars and workshops in cultural centres. Initiation in singing; Introduction to vocal technique; Creative Voice; Energetic Voice; Repertoire and Interpretation; Jazz Vocal Standards; Choir Singing a cappella. Centres: El Sortidor, Casa Golferich, Casa Elizalde, Torrellobeta, Can Deu, Parc Sandaru, Centre Sagrada Familia, and Cotxeres de Sants.